Decommissioning and reclamation of Alstom Grid’s asbestos-containing materials (2017)

Decommissioning and reclamation of insulated asbestos-containing materials at Alstom Grid S.p.a. (MI)

Such materials were packaged and taken out of the site, to be eventually reclaimed at Area 51, the facility owned by Vico S.r.l. in Cairo Montenotte (SV).

• Layout of site and cutting of interfering facilities.
• Cutting of the metal slab above the tank and draining of diathermic oil from the air gap of the autoclaves and underground tank
• Removal and reclamation of no. 5 asbestos-containing underground autoclaves;
• Removal and reclamation of no. 2 asbestos-containing heat exchangers;
• Removal and reclamation of no. 4 asbestos-containing doors from oven “F3”

• Removal and reclamation of no. 1 asbestos-containing underground dodecylbenzene autoclave

• Packaging, loading and handling of materials in Area 51
• Cleaning of working areas;
• Decommissioning of the site