Design, reclamation and demolition of Esso Italiana S.r.l. dock (2015)

Design, removal and reclamation of asbestos-containing materials, decommissioning of equipment and part of the facilities and pipes between the boundary of the Petrolig dock and the mooring board on the seaward head of the Esso dock and/or the port of Vado Ligure (SV).

• Layout of the site.

• Check if the lines had been decommissioned, and application for a decommissioning certificate.

• Survey, sampling and profiling of any potential waste from the decommissioning process. 

• Marking of the lines to be demolished and separation between the HC and H2O lines.

• Demolition of non-hydrocarbon pipes by oxy-fuel cutting, straight from the pontoon, and transport to the ground, to be eventually cut to size and carried to Vico srl’s iron salvaging site.

• Draining of hydrocarbon-pumping manifolds by placing the joint valve in the lowest point of the line, next to the dock root; collection of remaining fluids and shutdown of the pipe.

• Cutting of the hydrocarbon-pumping manifolds, as detailed below. 

• Carrying the pipes to a logistic landing area by pontoon, to be eventually carried to Vico srl’s licensed waste reclamation and salvaging site.