Thermoelectric Power Plant – Tirreno Power S.p.a. – Naphtha Zone 1 – (2017-2019)

Reclamation, disposal and dismantling of various equipments at Naphtha Zone 1.

Activities involved the decommissioning of the Naphtha Zone 1 at Tirreno Power Thermoelectric Power Plant in Vado Ligure (SV), where the NP2 and NP3 tanks were dismantled (50,000 m3/each, Øi 67 m, H 14.84 m) and all related components, such as various tank inside the basin (slop tanks, G1 and G2 diesel tanks, purging tanks), tanker loading and unloading stations, fuel oil pump, piping connection between Parco Nafta 1 and Parco Nafta 2.
Vico also managed the waste’s packaging, loading and transport for subsequent disposal towards authorized plants.