Waste management

As part of its business, the company can directly manage any special waste requiring environmental permits, including hazardous waste. Waste management means both the final disposal and the reuse of waste in ‘end-of-waste’ sites. The range of services covers all the typical areas of environmental management: profiling, selection, sorting, loading, shipment, sizing, disposal and salvaging, legal documents, waste traceability.

Eco-sustainability is Vico’s top priority. Responsible waste management is the strength that has to be acted upon for environmental protection. By pursuing such goal and obtaining the regulatory permits, Vico can collect, handle and sort out different kinds of waste. The cutting-edge machines it uses for such processes can salvage the greatest amount of recyclable materials, so that only a minimal fraction will be dumped.

The railway connection our company has in its site can handle remarkable amounts of waste coming in or going out to ‘end-of-waste’ sites and/or to be reused.

The planned investments in equipment and technology, as well as the attendance of training courses to improve the staff’s qualifications and expand the company’s expertise, help achieve our goal: providing our customers with a wide range of high-tech solutions to help solve any environmental issue.