Area 51

Area 51 is a multipurpose salvaging site, designed to reclaim removed components, equipment and plants, and making it easier to salvage the uncontaminated fractions, which are immediately recycled and reused, for instance in ‘end-of-waste’ sites.
Area 51 can reclaim any kind of asbestos-contaminated product (tanks, pipes, electrics, machinery, equipment, heaters, etc.).
Big enough to accommodate any shippable product, including oversized loads, the facility has been organised in such a way as to constantly fulfil any applicable safety requirement. The process is completed by waste management, with some types of waste salvaged and possibly reused through special systems. The flexibility of the company’s organisation and the option to use a tried and tested cycle for the materials produced both upstream and downstream of the site offer additional ecological, operational and financial benefits and add a lot of value to the manufacturing process.
Area 51 remarkably helps reduce the amount and volume of waste that would otherwise be disposed of, as well as reducing its hazardousness, thus saving natural resources through the closed wash-water circuit.